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Leading Talent

Our approaches focus on helping your organization and its people develop
the confidence and skills to improve the workplace environment

Leadership is one of the most important roles in any organization. Developing and maintaining the professional and personal skills necessary to succeed in this role requires that they be maintained through regular assessments and ongoing development opportunities.

Our tools such as the “360 Feedback” allow the leader to obtain quality feedback that facilitates the development of a personal development plan. In addition, our leadership development programs have a proven track record of turning knowledge into action. These programs are available in a customizable modular format and can be delivered remotely or in-person for maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness. Our consulting and one-on-one coaching services are designed to support and ensure the success of both new and experienced leaders.

In addition, our products and services are a major asset to your succession plan for key management, leadership, and supervisory positions.

Do you want to take your leadership skills to the next level, or do you want to implement a succession plan in your organization? Contact us immediately! We have what you need!

    What makes The Delfi Group different?

    A Team Of Professionals

    Our team members have an incredible depth of experience and expertise in specialized Human Resources and Business Consulting Services

    Access to effective psychometric and assessment tools

    We have access to a unique blend of high-quality workplace and personal assessment tools, which helps us provide valuable leadership and employee skills development programs

    We are creative in our approaches

    We possess strength and capacity to create and adapt our approaches to the real need of the organization or individual

    We are a fully bilingual consulting firm

    Our team is experienced and skilled at providing services in both official languages