Understanding Interpersonal Styles and Team Culture

Everything DiSC Partnership


Just as individuals have unique interaction styles, groups also tend to develop their own styles or culture. This program is a great initial activity for a manager who wants to take team relationships and performance to a new level by exploring the members’ individual styles, the resultant group culture, and how to effectively use both to improve performance.

The basis of the program is the Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment and reports as described in the Tools for Managing Talent site Section “Growing Talent”.  Individual results and the debrief process are supplemented by a Group Culture Report that focuses the discussion on effective ways to integrate personal style with the culture of the group. 

Learning Outcomes:

Through the inclusion of a Team Culture Report, Everything DiSC Workplace® workshop option becomes a very effective team development tool to improve the quality and effectiveness of team interactions and results.

Everything DiSC Workplace classroom workshop option is expanded to include an overview of group culture, what it is, its origins, and why it is important.  It illustrates the distribution of the various styles across the team and centres in on the dominant DiSC culture of the specific team.  The advantages and drawbacks of all styles as they affect culture are explored with an understanding of what it is like for each team member to work in a team with that specific group culture.    The result is a team with greater understanding and appreciation of each other’s style  – which translates into more effective and productive team relationships and performance.

Intended Audience:

This program can be used effectively as a team development tool at every level of an organization.

Delivery Method:

This program requires that each individual team member has a recent Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment and report. The 8-hour workshop can be delivered in-person to an intact team in a single day, or delivered in a series of 2 or 3 modules.  Remote delivery options also exist for geographically-dispersed teams.

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