The Delfi Difference

We Make a Difference!

While The Delfi Group may resemble our competitors in several ways (our values, commitment to excellence, customer focus, etc.), there are three areas where we differentiate ourselves from others in the provision of people and business/organizational development and consulting.


We sell solutions. We do not sell products or services. In order to sell solutions we must invest the time to fully understand your problems.

The first thing that Delfi invests in is a thorough needs assessment for the client. We invest time with our customers to understand the business or service, help them identify and diagnose the problem or problems, and then work with the client to design and implement the best possible customized interventions to address these opportunities for improvement.


We focus on Knowledge- to-Action by closing that Knowing-Doing Gap. We ensure that our clients to do things differently as a result of the new knowledge and insights that they achieve through our engagement.

Many companies or organizations have what is called a Knowing-Doing Gap – they know how to do the right things but they do not do them consistently. For example, managers know how to do proper performance appraisals but they do not do them; leaders know how to do strategic planning and goal setting but there are no signs that these are being done or are making a difference. The “Knowing” does not pay the bills, produce profit or get the job done – only the “Doing” does.

Research shows that training and new business insights result in the greatest behaviour and attitude change when these learnings and insights are integrated with and applied to the actual work – Knowledge to Action. Delfi combines great Knowledge content in our programs with the highly professional assessment and intervention skills in our consulting associates to create Action.

The Delfi way serves to eliminate this “knowing-doing gap” by:

  • Working with clients over a longer period of time so they can incorporate their new learnings and insights into their work practices;
  • Supporting the development of specific work-related goals that are achievable within our engagement period;
  • Customizing our programs and services up front to support achieving these work-related goals by changing the “doing” within the organization;
  • Serving as a facilitator of learning and change rather than simply the transmitter of knowledge. The participants acquires the “knowing” through reading, listening and discussions, then apply these insights to change what they “do” which changes the results they achieve;
  • Establishing a tracking system that monitors the “doing” over a sustained period of time.
  1. KASH – (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Habits)

We focus on attitudes and habits as well as skills and knowledge.

  • When we ask a room full of managers who have had difficulty with one or more employees over the previous two years, they invariably confirm these problems were based more on employee attitudes and habits than skills or knowledge. Delfi training and consulting interventions focus particular attention on ensuring that the necessary supportive attitudes and habits are established which will enable the application of the new skills, knowledge and insights that make a difference in the workplace. We focus on KASH –going beyond Knowledge and Skills to include creating healthy attitudes and good habits to support the sustainability of change.