Results-Centred Leadership™

Results-Centred Leadership™ enables the organization and everyone in it to achieve superb results.

Effective leadership is the single biggest contributor to an organization’s success. Results- Centred LeadershipTM builds upon the inherent leadership potential in each person.

Results-Centred LeadershipTM participants will discover the benefits achieved by using mutual Win/Win agreements. The program will teach participants the power and effectiveness of regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching and encourage them to coach people to succeed rather than policing them for failure. Participants will notice changes in behaviours and attitudes that produce measurable results!

Results-Centred Leadership™ will help the participants achieve better bottom line results through:

  • Improved productivity and results
  • A goal setting process that really works
  • Improved customer/client service both internal and external
  • Enhanced teamwork and co-operation
  • Motivated and dedicated people
  • People embracing responsibility
  • Being accountable “without prompting”
  • Conflict resolution and consensus building


The program is based on practical experiences for today’s environment and applies both personally and in the business world, providing the opportunity for a more balanced life. Results-Centred LeadershipTM can be facilitated to groups of leaders (or those aspiring to lead) within an organization, in open-enrolment settings, or one-on-one as part of a coaching plan. Results-Centred LeadershipTM modules can also be facilitated as stand- alone sessions. Results-Centred LeadershipTM is divided into 12 sessions. It includes written learning materials, audio files, and a success planner for easier learning and retention. The audio files and success planner forms are also available online which further facilitates learning, either in-person or remotely. Each session is led by a certified facilitator with real-world experience. results centred leadership