Pure Selling

Why do some sales people earn 10x more than their peers? Learn their secrets with our Pure Selling sales development program.

Why do some salespeople earn 10x more than their peers?

Learn their secrets with our Pure Selling™ sales development program. Regardless of your products or services, the principles of successful selling remain the same. Pure Selling™ will show you how to bridge the gap between knowing what to do, and doing it! Pure Selling™ is a proven program developed and refined over 25 years right here in Canada.

It helps you succeed by:

  • Building skills and confidence
  • Reinforcing techniques with proven results
  • Developing the right behaviours, through written, audio and online content as well as exercises and in-class learning
  • Providing an environment where participants learn from each other, network, and have fun

What People Are Saying…

Since finishing this program, I have watched my income and prospects for the future soar. Within 6 months, I had already doubled my income from the entire previous year. It is likely that this year-end will be at least 3 and possibly 4 times my last year’s production. Dorian Shortt Financial Services

Pure Selling™ is suitable for any organization, industry and person with a desire to grow. In fact, it’s not just for ‘sales people’, but anyone who needs to develop business and relationships in order to succeed. The Pure Selling™ program is divided into 12 sessions, lasting 3 hours each. It includes learning materials, audio files, and a success planner that helps reinforce concepts between sessions for meaningful skills development, increased confidence, resulting in more productive behaviours. The program is offered in its entirety in group settings, one-on-one, and each module/topic can be offered as a stand alone program. flow-chart