ProfileXT Executive Leadership Report

ProfileXT Executive Leadership Report

Using the ProfileXT® to Fine-Tune Your LeadershipGreat leaders aspire to be as effective as possible in the myriad situations they encounter. Becoming aware of your strengths to exploit, and potential challenges to address, is the first step in developing and refining leadership skills. To this end, The ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report is a tool designed to illuminate your inherent executive potential and your approach to confronting challenges, while achieving excellence in leadership by predicting how your characteristics will manifest in your behaviors.

As an executive, you are responsible for engaging people, implementing policies, making decisions, and driving developments that advance organizational goals, for which stakeholders hold you accountable. The ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report provides insight on the manner in which you approach meeting these responsibilities and how to utilize this knowledge to maximize your leadership talent.

The report offers straightforward, no-nonsense insights toward knowing your own leadership characteristics, the types of activities that motivate you, the advantages you can leverage, and potential challenges to consider. This information can outline how best to capitalize on your strengths, and where to focus personal leadership development efforts.As a ProfileXT® customer, you have already identified the characteristics, behaviors, talents, and disciplines that are essential to effective, inspiring leadership. The ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report will describe how your unique characteristics and behaviors influence your approach to leadership, and how to best use this information about yourself to become an even better leader.

The ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report is comprised of three sections devoted to different interpretations of your PXT scores. The first is the Total Person overview, which consists of your characteristics based on your scores for each scale of the ProfileXT®, followed by a comprehensive description of how each characteristic manifests in your 3 personal leadership style.Next, The ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report describes Six Components of Leadership Success, which are components identified by executives worldwide as critical facets of executive performance corresponding to leadership success.

Six Components of Leadership Success

  • Innovating Strategic Initiatives
  • Maximizing Resources
  • Utilizing Organizational Synergies
  • Producing Quality Results
  • Mentoring Others
  • Maintaining High Personal Standards

The ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report describes how you as an executive will express each of the Components as predicted by your scores on combinations of the ProfileXT® Behavioral Traits. The implications are specific to leadership situations, offering a highly relevant and useful tool for ascertaining how you will likely express your leadership style in various ways.

ProfileXT Executive Leadership Report chartLastly, the ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report provides an actionable conclusion, with suggestions for using the information in the report to begin improving your executive leadership.

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