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Acquiring Talent

A critical leadership responsibility is bringing the right people into the organization, getting them into the right roles, and helping to move them along the productivity curve as quickly as possible.   Now there are powerful and easy -to-use tools to increase the potential of each new hire becoming a ‘top performer’ for your team.

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Growing Talent- Employee Development and Training

Invest in your employees with  new development programs in Personal Responsibility, Self-Leadership, Customer Service and Interpersonal Skills Assessment related to both workplace behaviors and sales relationships. Our assessment tools support career planning and development.

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Business Consulting- Growing Your Business

Strategic planning and succession planning are critical enablers of business growth. High impact Sales Training supported by assessments and coaching tools will also facilitate growth.

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Leadership Coaching

Delfi consultants bring almost 150 years of collective consulting and coaching expertise to your table in resolving your Human Resource and organizational design challenges as well as addressing business effectiveness and change management needs.

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Leading Talent- Leadership Skills Development

Address your succession plan and executive/leadership/supervisory development needs. Programs are supported by our powerful 360 feedback tool, and are customizable with a 1:1 remote coaching/delivery option.

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Teams of Talent- Team Building & Employee Engagement

Transforming high performing individuals into high performing team members is a direct result of our training and team building programs. Our assessments with a team reporting format help identify the greatest impact areas for development. Our unique employee engagement process is centered on process improvement and cost reduction.

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Human Resources Consulting

Hiring smart and using assessments that measure job fit enable your organization to grow. Tools and programs that address employee engagement, team building and Board education in governance principles and processes also foster and support growth.

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Employee/Labour Relations Consulting

Managing people means understanding and complying with Labour Laws and, if appropriate, collective agreements.  Managers face many people challenges in the workplace that require their attention – including harassment and workplace violence, letters from lawyers, visits from provincial or federal labour officers, union certification by a bargaining unit, grievances, and collective bargaining.   

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