Personal Responsibility and Self Leadership

Overview Personal Responsibility and Self Leadership is a program to increase the level of personal responsibility in the workplace to achieve results. It is a powerful journey of self-discovery and growth towards Self-Leadership. It starts with understanding Responsibility: that each person is responsible for their own choices, their responses to them and their final destination. Becoming aware of the need to change is the next step: identifying the behaviours that are not producing results. Next, we develop the skills to support productive change and then advance to being accountable for the results. Finally, we harness the power of goal-setting and translate it into action to achieve desired, measurable results. The Personal Responsibility and Self Leadership process enables organizations to experience improved and increased results. and recognizes that the difference between an outstanding performer and a marginal contributor goes well beyond knowledge of specific skills. The bottom line is maturity – and that level can be measured in terms of their willingness and ability to take 100% responsibility for results.

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Learning Outcomes: When transformed into Action, the ideas and learning contained in the Personal Responsibility and Self Leadership process have been proven to positively change people’s behaviours and the results they generate for themselves and their organization.

For the Individual:

  • Understanding the relationship between individual responsibility, the choices made and actions taken
  • Appreciating that past programming of the subconscious mind (habits, conditioning) determine current behaviour
  • Identifying and choosing to change current behaviours that are not working in order to get better results
  • Developing mental and planning strategies to determine the action to take
  • Being truly accountable for taking action to achieve priority goals
  • Appreciating the connection between the importance of keeping commitments and the achievement of worthwhile results
  • Developing results-driven plans and work habits
  • Breaking free from negative influences and ‘Victim’ behaviour
  • Personal ownership of the individual’s career

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For the Organization:

  • Productive, self-motivated staff
  • Improved results through individual and team effectiveness
  • People who align personal goals with the goals of the organization
  • Improved staff retention
  • Improved change implementation
  • Enhanced creativity leading to better solutions
  • Fewer performance issues
  • Enhanced communication

Intended Audience:  The Personal Responsibility and Self Leadership process is for all individuals who want to:

  • Become Self-Leaders
  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Achieve better, desired results in every area of their life
  • Build stronger relationships with work team members as well as others in their lives
  • Be happy and satisfied in their work and personal lives
  • Be on a career path for leading others .