Managing Within the Law

A Leader’s Guide to Understanding Employment Law in Ontario


This is a Management course rather than a Law course – giving Managers the “lay of the land” when it comes to Ontario’s employment law provisions and what it means for managers and people leaders. Content is accompanied by short engaging employment law scenarios that provide both context and instructional direction for people leaders in Ontario.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will leave with:

  1. An understanding of the underpinnings of the employment law structure in the province of Ontario and the broad areas of legislation that are at play in the employment relationship.
  2. An increased sensitivity to the major areas of leadership risk resulting from a lack of understanding of employment law provisions.
  3. New insights into appropriate management steps to avoid stepping unknowingly into the most common “legal landmines” and when to reach out for help and guidance from available experts.

Intended Audience:

This workshop has been developed for any individual responsible for managing or leading others.