Loyal For Life

Service Recovery Training Program
How to take Unhappy Customers from Hell to Heaven-in 60 Seconds or Less

Empowering employees to do what is necessary to save customers and keep them loyal for life.

A Common-Sense Training Program that puts SERVICE RECOVERY and Empowerment first.

When mistakes are made, your employee and your customer are thrust into a stressful situation, one that could easily spin out of control. Mistakes occur, things go wrong, and tempers flair. Are your employees prepared for service recovery?

How does your organization or employees handle mistakes? Can they take an unhappy customer from hell to heaven-in 60 seconds or less?

When a customer problem occurs, it’s how you respond, or “recover”, that salvages a bad experience. And that’s what the concept of service recovery is all about.

To have exceptional customer service, employees must embrace service recovery as an important aspect of overall customer service.

Loyal for Life is what service recovery strives to create: an overly happy customer who will remain loyal to your organization throughout their entire life and will create positive word-of­ mouth advertising.

Loyal for Life skills will help your employees develop the right attitude as well as understand and implement the techniques that are essential to service recovery. These practical tips will provide the tools employees need to make quick decisions to solve the problems all in 60 seconds or less that your organization created or was perceived to have created.

Creating Loyal Customers For Life …

Service Recovery involves more than just saying, “I’m Sorry!”