Internal TEAM Values

Our Commitments to Each Other:

We are honest

We are open and truthful with each other, in word and intent, without  a hidden agenda.  We are prepared to take the risk of opening up with each other on sensitive issues where we may feel vulnerable.

We are frank

While we are considerate of each others views and feelings, we each ensure that the issues are tabled. We don’t hold back.  We provide feedback on each others behavior, especially with regards to these values.

We are respectful

We are a safe haven  – we listen carefully to each other and don’t interrupt.  We seek to understand as well as to be understood.

We are co-operative

We do not compete with each other, for business, for time, for attention.  We are available to each other.  We are fair with each other.

We believe in win/win

We embrace the abundance mentality, and look for solutions that accommodate all concerns and issues. This requires thoughtfulness, creativity, and patience.


We believe in balance

While we work hard, we are sensitive to the need for balance between our personal, family and professional roles. We make decisions based on our belief in this balance – e.g. family and personal issues may take precedence over business issues, without sacrificing our commitment to excellent customer relations


We believe in personal growth

We work to grow and develop our personal competencies and service offerings . We encourage each other to “sharpen the saw”, to grow and develop.


We believe in quality

We do work we are proud of, challenging ourselves to create an exceptional customer experience by value-added, measurable outcomes. We also meet or exceed our expectations of one another as Associates, continually enhancing our personal levels of professional expertise and achievement.


We share leadership

We recognize each member’s leadership strengths and distribute leadership opportunities accordingly.


We have fun

We practice our ability to laugh and enjoy one another’s company