Growing Your People

Grow Your People with Employee Development Programs

Effective talent management entails regular training and development programs that enhance skills and opportunities for advancement throughout the employee life cycle. Employers need and value those development programs that truly make a difference in both knowledge and its translation into action in the workplace. The availability of 1:1 coaching time with participants ensures maximum translation of new ideas into observable behavior change. Although Delfi programs are all available for delivery in a group setting, we are also experts in remote delivery for individual or small group sessions where scheduling and distance pose problems. Delfi has a high degree of comfort in creating customized development opportunities to address specific client needs. We also have scientifically-validated assessment tools, including career planning that enable valuable feedback, information and coaching during the development process. Specific personal development programs include Personal Responsibility and Self Leadership, Customer Service,  Facilitation, Influencing and Selling Skills, and Enhancing Interpersonal Skills (for workplace and sales situations).