Growing Your Leaders

Leadership is one of the most critical roles in any organization. Leadership is comprised of essential skills and personal behaviors that must first be learned and then consistently put into practice. It can only be maintained through using regular assessments and experiencing ongoing development opportunities.

The Delfi Group’s consulting products and services are a great asset to your Succession Planning for key executive. leadership and supervisory positions. We offer scientifically validated assessment tools that identify those employees or external candidates that hold the greatest probability of success in such roles . The regular use of our 360 Feedback process gives leaders the quality of feedback required to formulate personal development plans in their role. Our leadership development programs have a demonstrated track record of turning knowledge into action that truly makes a difference in behaviors.   These programs are available in a customizable modular format and can be delivered remotely or in person for maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness.   Our consulting and individual coaching services are geared to supporting and ensuring success for both new and experienced leaders in their roles