From Vision to Action: Setting Strategy and Making a Difference

Overview The Vision to Action learning program incorporates the principles of action-based learning and delivers an innovative way for leaders acquire competencies in strategic and operational planning through a “learn-by-doing” methodology. The program is effective in increasing employee engagement to new levels because of its highly participative design and approach. The focus is on moving the strategic plan to the operational level and embedding it in leadership performance metrics and tracking tools.

idea, plan, action

idea, plan, action, success

Learning Outcomes Participants learn:

  1. the mechanics and processes used to describe current state, (the “what-is”)
  2. the methodologies used to describe the environmental trends determining the future world of business (the “what-is-to-come”
  3. how to use this information to set strategic imperatives (answering the “so-what” for the business)
  4. the process of building strategic directions, objectives and goals required for the plan
  5. methodologies to translate these directions into annual operational planning processes, to ensure that the Vision moves into Action – and that the Strategy “Makes a Difference”.

Intended Audience: The ideal learner is an individual leader or members of a leadership team who are called upon to employ organization-relevant strategic planning skills using structured processes and methodologies.