Feelings for Retail Service

Feelings for Retail Service

SUPERIOR SERVICE from your entire organization sets the positive word-of-mouth process moving, and puts you in a league of your own. FEELINGS RETAIL•SERVICE Designed to:

  • Change attitudes and behavior.
  • Teach the techniques and skills of customer service.
  • Build the self worth of employees and help them feel good about themselves.
  • Improve employee morale and teamwork.
  • Keep participants interested and actively involved during the workshops!

The training focuses on PERSONAL GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT, building the self worth, self esteem and skills of each employee. Graduates care more about their customers and more about their jobs. You will see an immediate improvement in behaviour and attitudes. FEATURES

  • Measurable, quantifiable, and easy to track results
  • FUN and ENTERTAINING workshop style holds participant attention and interest.
  • Builds from the needs of the individual to that of the team and then the customer
  • Focus on FUNDAMENTALS helps front-line employees develop skills that instantaneously improve their level of performance.
  • A Superior Training System that applies the principles of adult learning.
  • EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING allows for group participation and interaction, which is the most effective way of learning skills and changing behavior.
  • Professionally recorded VIDEOS enhance the material and illustrate every day experiences
  • Attractively packaged 136-page Participant Workbook
  • Reading and reflection between sessions reinforces the concepts and saves on classroom time.

Feelings-for-Retail-Service-Brochure-LFC-Version-a FEELINGS RETAIL•SERVICE will have a measurable impact on how you do business. The truth is: getting customers is costly. Many businesses believe it takes advertising, sales promotions, capital renovation, price wars, and all the other investments made to attract customers. Service, however, is what determines whether or not they will return. Research shows that only 4% of dissatisfied customers complain. The other 96% just don’t come back. The bottom line: customer dissatisfaction and negative word of mouth cost you. Just one rude or indifferent employee may cancel all the efforts and expense required to attract a customer.