Facilitation Skills

Successfully Leading Groups through Communication and Decision-Making Processes to Achieve Goals


Facilitation Skills is a 2-day workshop that involves participants in self-reflective exercises, group discussions, role play and practical exercises to help them develop an understanding of and confidence with the various skills, techniques and behaviours that create successful facilitators. Facilitation is the key to achieving group goals. It maximizes the positives and minimizes negative factors; focusing everyone in the group on what is to be achieved and helping them get there.   Facilitation releases the depths of knowledge, wisdom, experience and creativity from all participants and brings these together to solve problems, create strategies, and make effective decisions, resolve conflicts and much more.



Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will be versatile with and able to apply a variety of facilitator models, tools and techniques in order to help groups they facilitate collaborate, progress, find agreement and achieve meeting and process objectives.
  2. Participants will develop confidence and skill in their role as meeting facilitators in guiding both meeting process and interpersonal dynamics and in dealing with emotional issues that may come up.

Intended Audience: This workshop has been developed for any individual who wishes to enhance their general facilitation skills. The ability to clearly communicate, present ideas, engage listeners and exhibit confidence in front of an audience are prerequisites for facilitators. If appropriate, participants are encouraged to precede this program with a course on Effective Presentation Skills.