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Acquiring Talent

Our approaches focus on helping your organization and its people develop
the confidence and skills to improve the workplace environment

The traditional staffing process (resume, interview, and reference checks) no longer meets the needs of high-performance organizations. A key responsibility for today’s leader is to ensure that staffing processes effectively recruit and retain competent, motivated employees.

To do this, it is necessary to modernize the staffing process by adding an element of assessment, based on factual data provided by a recognized psychometric assessment. These psychometric tools are intended to complement the three steps of the traditional staffing process, which are often assessed subjectively.

The tools we use (for example, the PXT Select™) allow us to assess the level of job fit between a specific candidate and the position to be filled. Our highly reliable and valid assessment tools allow our clients to increase their ability to recruit top talent every time.

Contact us today to discuss our staffing process and more specifically the tools we use that will help you recruit and retain qualified and motivated employees.

    What makes The Delfi Group different?

    A Team Of Professionals

    Our team members have an incredible depth of experience and expertise in specialized Human Resources and Business Consulting Services

    Access to effective psychometric and assessment tools

    We have access to a unique blend of high-quality workplace and personal assessment tools, which helps us provide valuable leadership and employee skills development programs

    We are creative in our approaches

    We possess strength and capacity to create and adapt our approaches to the real need of the organization or individual

    We are a fully bilingual consulting firm

    Our team is experienced and skilled at providing services in both official languages