Delfi Strategic Planning Model

Vision to Action

The Delfi Group’s approach to Strategic Planning is called “From Vision to Action – Setting Strategy to Make a Difference”. As implied in the program naming, our focus is on building the strategic plan and the related processes that ensure a translation of the future vision and operational world of the organization into a structured set of strategic imperatives and component objectives. We then work with the organization to clearly articulate desired “end-state” achievements by the end of the established planning cycle for each identified imperative and develop the component goals, activities and reporting metrics to ensure that the desired end-state is reached for each critical strategic area .

These goals and activities will then readily form an important basis for the executive’s operational planning for the component years of the planning cycle. The Delfi model encourages an annual facilitated review of the progress achieved against the operational component of the strategic plan, an appropriate tweaking of the plan, if required, to address any significant unforeseen developments in the organization’s business world, and then the development of the strategic components of the next year’s executive operational plan.

What's the Plan?

How are We Doing?

It is only through this focus on integration of the strategic plan with the executive operational objectives and metrics reporting that organizations can be assured that the strategic plan will have the desired impact and truly “make a difference.”