Board Governance

A Governance Board is a body of community or stakeholder representatives put into place to protect and direct the organization as it fulfills its mission and mandate. A Governance Board should also be a group of people put into place to support and enable the CEO to be successful in the leadership role that he or she was hired to fill.

However, sometime Boards are a gathering of effective people who become ineffective when constituted as a Board, and reduce the effectiveness of the organization’s leadership team by confusing the areas of governance oversight with operational management. Delfi has a range of assessment tools, team-building activities and development programs that can be tailored to deliver a customized intervention to enable your Board to become a high-performing oversight asset to your organization.


Several Delfi Associates actively sit on Boards, have considerable Board experience, or have reported to Boards in past lives. This street-level experience coupled with familiarity with recent Governance effectiveness interventions, positions the Delfi Group as a valued contributor to your Board’s development and effectiveness agenda.