Managing Incivility in the Workplace

October 3, 2017

  Our last Delfi column made a strong case for the high business and personal costs of incivility, toxic people and toxic behaviors in the workplace.  Recent research confirms that 98% of employees surveyed had experienced toxic behaviors in their workplace, and 62% of employees were experiencing this on a weekly basis.  The business costs […]

Toxic People and Your Business

October 3, 2017

Some people are great to be around and bring out the best in you.  Some people are just the opposite and leave you cringing in anger, frustration and self doubt.  We have all experienced nasty interactions with toxic people,  people who dust us with their poison.  Sometimes it feels more like a drenching.  Such experiences […]

Does Your Business Have the Right Organizational Structure?

February 23, 2017

As businesses grow and add people, it is not long before signs of an organizational structure start to appear.   Structure often grows because of commonality of function (eg. sales, or production).  Sometimes it happens because of technology (computing, manufacturing).  Other times it occurs because of geography (two different retail locations under separate store leadership).  Whatever […]

Managing Poor Performance/Behaviour in the Workplace

February 18, 2017

There is little that makes a leader’s blood pressure point north faster than having to address a performance or behaviour problem with an employee.  As leaders we procrastinate, make excuses, get too busy at other things, and usually naively assume that performance or behaviour will improve in time.  “After all, finding and training another employee […]

Connecting Better to Influence Better

February 13, 2017

We are all in the business of selling – which we will define here as the art of influencing another person to change a behavior, a belief, or a state of being.  We often think of sales as a business skill – the art of getting a customer or client to give us money in […]

Leadership and Employees “Linking Berry Picking and MBWA”

October 3, 2016

  We all know about berry picking, especially at this time of the year.   The raspberries are just about finished.  Blueberries are still plentiful – and wild blackberries are showing a huge potential crop on the way.    MBWA is a leadership acronym for Managing By Walking Around – a recommended leadership style that help those […]

Employee Engagement – “From Misery to Meaning at Work”

September 30, 2016

    Our last Delfi Blog focused on the lack of meaning that many people experience in the job and identified three underlying sources of misery that interfere with our positive feelings about work:  anonymity, irrelevance and  ‘immeasurement’ .  Today we move to a more positive view on how effective leaders and employees can begin […]

Employee Performance – “Avoiding Misery At Work”

September 27, 2016

  Work can be tiring – and sometimes less than our favorite activity.  However, it is that “thing” that most of us will do for 35-40 hours a week for 35-40 years.  Or put another way – work is something that will occupy our lives for about 80,000 hours. We all enter the workplace full […]

Businesses Success – “What Families Can Learn From Business”

September 25, 2016

Today, The Delfi Group wants to step back slightly from our normal blog focused primarily on business issues – and turn our camera lens to the most important organization in most of our lives – our family. Spring is an exceptionally busy time of the year as we try our best to shake off the […]

Executive Performance – “Are You the Ideal Team Player?”

September 21, 2016

    This blog wraps up the current series of articles focusing on teamwork .  Today we get right to the heart of the matter by exploring ideas about what constitutes the ideal team player. Teams are made up of individual people – and the reality is that some individuals are better suited to contributing […]