The Spirit of Excellence faces of smiling health care workers

Superior Caring Service


A climate of hospitality and an individualized exceptional service experience – the spirit we must create. Providing quality care is more of a challenge now than ever before. Not only because technological advances in medicine have created a multitude of treatment options, but also because patients are more knowledgeable – and they along with their families, want to be informed.

Caring, not processing. While the medical competence of health care providers and their staff is Priority Number One among patients and their families, the experience of caring is a close second. That caring can only come across through well-developed communication skills and a heightened sense of empathy. Caring about others comes naturally; the challenge is showing that you care, even when you’re busy, tired or focused on getting the job done. The Spirit of Excellence will teach the skills needed to consistently convey a caring attitude in a positive, sincere way.

Experiential Learning The Spirit of Excellence will provide your employees the opportunity to network with co-workers, from all areas of your organization, during a video-enhanced patient relations and customer service workshop designed to help with one of the most challenging parts of their job – dealing with people and problems. The program focuses on enhancing communication, interpersonal and customer service skills so that they can do their best in meeting the patient care challenges they are faced with every day.

The Spirit of Excellence


The Technology To create an environment for group discussion and communication:

  • 60 minutes of video, providing good and poor examples for participants to identify with, discuss and learn from.
  • A professional facilitator to implement the system on site and/or support in-house facilitators.
  • A participant book and support materials used by employees to maintain enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Outside reading and exercises enhance that training time by eight to sixteen hours
  • Flexible delivery strategy either as one day, two half day or three 2.5 hour sessions.